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By purchasing the translation services from the service provider HESI GROUP, UAB (“e-vertimai” translation agency; hereinafter referred to as the Service Provider), the Customer agrees without reservation with the following terms and conditions of purchase:
1. All terms and conditions provided below are considered to be accepted without limitations or reservations after the Customer places the order, accepts the offer of the Service Provider in writing or accepts an invoice.
2. All correspondence by e-mail between the Customer and the Service Provider shall be an integral part of the terms and conditions of purchase.
3. All translations shall be sent by the Service Provider by e-mail. All work shall be deemed delivered and accepted by the Customer after five calendar days from the moment of delivery.
4. The work shall be deemed delivered and received by the Customer as soon as the Service Provider sends the work by e-mail at the address indicated by the Customer. The translation service shall also be deemed delivered, if the Customer does not confirm the receipt of the service, but the Service Provider is able to prove the delivery of the work by any means.
5. If the Customer wishes to receive the translations printed on paper and confirmed by the seal of the company and the signatures of the translator or notary, the Customer shall notify the Service Provider in writing when placing the order.
6. The Customer shall not be entitled to annul a confirmed order by e-mail or change it during its fulfilment without a written consent of the Service Provider. If an order is annulled or changed, the part of the actually performed work shall be paid for according to the calculations of the Service Provider.
7. All complaints to the Service Provider shall be presented in writing in five calendar days from the moment of delivery of service and shall be properly justified. The deficiencies of any part, even if documented, shall not entitle the Customer to refuse to accept the whole work.
8. The liability of the Service Provider for the consequences arising from the errors of translation, editing, localization, layout design and other provided services shall be limited by the agreed amount of payment for the order.
9. The invoices shall be presented to the Customer in electronic format, original hard copies shall not be sent. If the Customer requires a hard copy, he shall notify the Service Provider about it in writing. Having failed to do so, the Customer shall not be entitled not to accept the invoice and not to make the payment reasoning by not received original invoice.
10. The complaints regarding the accuracy of the invoices of the Service Provider shall be presented in writing in five calendar days from the issue of invoice. Having failed to do so, the invoice shall be deemed accepted. The Customer shall not be entitled to suspend the payments unilaterally.
11. The invoice for the provided services shall be paid within the time period indicated therein. If the Customer fails to make the payment according to the invoice on time, the Service Provider may demand a payment of 0.1 percent fine for each day of delay.
12. The Service Provider shall guarantee the confidentiality of the documents presented by the Customer. This guarantee shall not be applicable for sending the texts by e-mail due to possible disclosure or loss of information or other technical issues that may arise in internet delivery of texts, which are beyond the control of the Service Provider.
13. All liability and risk associated with the transportation of the documents and material shall be borne by the Customer. The Service Provider shall not be liable for the damages incurred during the transportation of the documents, even if the delivery services were ordered on behalf of the Customer.
14. The Customer undertakes not to present job offers, not to employ and not to give freelance translator work assignments for the staff and freelance translators of the Service Provider.

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